Slab boxes

Discover the new Classical Coin Grading slab boxes: the perfect choice to protect and preserve your encapsulated coins!

Designed and manufactured with care and passion in San Marino, these boxes are the ideal solution to store and showcase your certified coins.

Our boxes are made of high quality paper, ensuring superior durability and effective protection against damage and wear. Every detail is maniacally taken care of to ensure functionality and elegance.

Specially designed to store common size slabs, these boxes offer an high capacity, further protecting the slabs from scratches and accidental damage.

The boxes are equipped with a special insert that allows you to accommodate 10 slabs, perfectly fitted to be exposed. By removing the insert, the box can hold up to 20 slab.

We are happy to offer you a range of 5 colors to choose from, so that you can customize your collection according to your style and preferences. Whether you prefer an elegant beige or a vibrant blue color, you will find the box that reflects your taste.

The robustness of our boxes makes them perfect for shock resistance and reliable protection during transport.

Our Classical Coin Grading boxes are coated with plastic, which makes them dirt resistant and easy to clean. A damp cloth is enough to remove dust or surface stains.

Do not miss the opportunity to further protect and organize your collection with the Classical Coin Grading boxes. Discover the quality, elegance and functionality that only these boxes can offer.

Order your boxes today. You can buy them online in the Dea Moneta shop or at our official retailers.

Available online in the Dea Moneta shop

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