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It is possible to have your coins graded by submitting them directly to Classical Coin Grading or by submitting them through one of our authorised dealers.
By submitting your coins to an authorised dealer, you can deliver the coins in person to a trusted person who will take care of all logistics and invoicing.
It is also possible to send the coins directly to Classical Coin Grading: please send by email the available form completed: you will be contacted with the pickup information. Once the grading and encapsulation have been completed, we will send back coins at the address indicated by you.

How to submit your coins for Grading

Addresses and contacts

Our address:
Classical Coin Grading s.r.l.
v. Consiglio dei Sessanta, 99
47891 Dogana
Repubblica di San Marino
Telephone: +39 0549 972142

Authorised dealers

You can submit the coins to be encapsulated at these addresses:

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Classical Coin Grading s.r.l.

Via Consiglio dei Sessanta, 99

47891 Dogana, Repubblica di San Marino

COE 29395

+39 0549 972142

+39 366 8451839

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