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We are currently grading coins and medals of the following categories. Coins must have a diameter between 10 and 44 mm.

World Coins

Coins of the world, from 1600 to today. Coins are typically classified with the World Coins catalog.

Italian Preunitary Coins

Preunitary coins of the Italian States, classifiable through Corpus Nummorum Italicorum (CNI) and the Monte Italians Regionali (MIR) reference book.

Italian decimal coinage

Italian decimal coins of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic. The coins are classified with the Pagani for easier consultation.

Classical Coins (Greek, Roman)

Ancient coins: Greek World, Roman Republic, Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire.


Gold and silver coins bullion coins. Gold coins are typically classified with the Friedberg (Fr.).


Euro coins for both circulation and commemorative


Medals, from the Renaissance to contemporary.



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